By popular demand, we are excited to introduce our Ladder Kit Club for all who would like VIP access to our new designs– with the added perk of additional value and savings!

The "Love Bug" Kit from our Jan 2021 box!

Your Monthly Box Includes:

Monthly Ladder Kit

 Our ladder kits include the interchangeable parts that attach to the ladder (the ladder is not included). We design a new, themed set every month!

*Our ladder kits arrive unfinished, lightly sanded, and shrink-wrapped. All wood pieces and any vinyl are included.

Finishing Kit

 The finishing kit includes the craft supplies needed to finish your ladder kit. Each kit includes the paint, paper, glitter, ribbon, jewels, wire, etc. needed to finish the project.

*Some colors and/or patterns are subject to change depending on our inventory.

Exclusive Coupon &
Occasional Gifts

Each month, your box will contain an EXCLUSIVE Coupon with Special Savings just for our Members + Surprise Gifts every once a while! 

Join the Club!

Signing up for this Craft Club will subscribe you to a monthly order of our Ladder Kit Club product boxes. 

* Please note that this service does not include the ladder base at this time; you will need to purchase a Ladder Base HERE.

How it Works: 

  • Every 3rd of the month You will be charged for your Club box containing the month ahead Holiday or Season Ladder Kit + the Finishing Kit and more as explained above. 
  • Want to start now and receive the current month’s kit? Sign up no later than 5 days prior to the 3rd of the next month. 
  • Your box ships within 3-5 business days from the charge date. 


BOISE pick-up: Boise area residents can choose to pick-up their box every month in the store. Boise location HERE

Thank you for joining our Club, “Happy Crafting!” – xo 

6 Month Membership

Option 1: Ship it to me!

$55.99/month + shipping

Option 2: I'll pick it up! (Boise Only)


12 Month Membership

Option 1: Ship it to me!

$49.99/month + shipping

Option 2: I'll pick it up! (Boise Only)


Previous Ladder Kits… every month we have a new design! – Don’t miss out, Sign-up today!