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Memorial Day: a.k.a. Decoration Day

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Memorial Day to many is an opportunity to play in the sun with family, have a party with friends (prior to the current pandemic of course), and get an extra day off of work or school. To others, it is a bittersweet day to remember loved ones love in the service of their country, and something much greater than themselves. 

Memorial Day first began in the year following the close of the Civil War, where more lives were lost than in any other conflict in America. People wanted a way to remember and honor those who had passed.  They started to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers as a way to celebrate their lives, thus the creation of Memorial Day.

 Out of of this practice of decorating graves, Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day. Can you believe it?!?

As an avid crafter, when I first learned about the history behind Decoration Day I was awestruck! What’s more perfect than to craft patriotic decorations on a holiday with such deep meaning!?

Put down the screens and have a family craft night. While you’re at, it teach your kids about the history behind Memorial Day so that they know it’s about more than a free day off of school. Tell them about the amazing men and women who sacrificed so that they can have the freedom and life that they now enjoy.

American flag

It’s because of these fallen heroes who bravely defended our country and what it stands for that we can have three blissful months of freedom during the Summertime. Memorial Day (unofficially) marks the beginning of Summer for many. With online schools coming to a close and much more free time at home, it’s the perfect time to create some decorations that hold treasured family memories- while making some new ones. 

Everyone observes this holiday differently. We each can honor our fallen heroes in our own way. Circumstances might keep us from gathering today, but we can continue to show appreciation and patriotism by decorating our homes in red, white, and blue. This is a tradition in my home! 

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