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9 Ways to Craft Away COVID-19

I’m a crafter- not a medical professional. And while I know you can’t actually craft away a virus 🦠 – you CAN craft the time away!

Crafting isn’t just about glue and glitter- it’s about the memories you make when you create something yourself. While we can’t enjoy crafting with groups of friends like we do when it’s business as usual, we can prepare ourselves and our spaces for the happy day when we are able to gather again.

Here are 9 ways you can craft away the time at home. 


1: Create With a Loved One In Mind

Much of the world is cut off from friends and family as we practice social distancing. If you find yourself missing your special someone(s), try making them something! Crafting someone for someone else helps them to feel a bit less far away. Find inspiration by thinking of an interest or need that they have. 

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to craft something for your favorite moms, sisters, daughters, aunties, and grandmas!

–> Check out our selection of Crafts for Kids for creative boredom busters for the creative kiddos in your life.


2: Build an Inspiration Board

Photographs, drawings, pressed flowers, paint swatches, quotes- all of these make great additions to an inspiration board. The world is your oyster! Find words or visuals that appeal to you, and display them on a board or in a book where you collect inspiration. On an inspiration board, you might find your next great idea or see connections between things that you hadn’t noticed before. 

The process of collecting your inspiration itself can be rewarding. If you keep your eye open for things that bring you joy and help you feel like the world is a more beautiful place than a few moments before, you are sure to find them.

welcome to our beehive
3: Join One of Our Clubs

If you love crafting in the comfort of your own home, joining a Wood Creations Boutique Club just might be the thing for you! You can be as social as you like with Club Facebook pages, where a community of crafters share their creations, tips, and discoveries. Or, enjoy all of the resources without any actual human interaction required 😉 Every month we send out a new design with supplies, coupons,  and some tutorials to help you complete your craft.

–> Join our Ladder Kit Club, Fence Kit Club, or Dangler Kit Club for monthly boxes shipped right to your door. Fence Kit and Dangler Kit Clubs coming soon!

4: Plan Your Next Getaway

Whether you dream of sandy beaches, lush forests, or an urban adventure, you can use your down time to plan your next great escape.  It may not be your reality right now, but this is a fun way to escape from life for a little while! Map out where you would go, what you would do, and the things you would eat. Who would you take with you? If you have kids at home, have them draw a picture of their dream vacation.

DID YOU KNOW: Wood Creations Boutique hosts an annual retreat! Our getaways involve a weekend of crafting, deals, tutorials, and demonstrations with new and old friends.  Make sure you follow us on Facebook to stay updated about the details! 

5: Send a Card Just Because

Sending a quick note in a card is an incredibly thoughtful way to reach out with a personal touch. Reconnect with friends you haven’t spoken with in a while, and use this time as an excuse to show a little extra kindness!

6: Try a New Recipe

We’re big fans of paint- but there are lots of different ways to be crafty! Get creative in the kitchen by trying out a new dish.  Cook a meal from a different country, learn how to use some spices you’ve never tried, or bake up a luxurious dessert. 

If you want to get really artsy- try your hand at “painting” a cake! Watch Baking Butterfly Love’s deliciously fun tutorial on how to use a palette knife to paint a cake with buttercream. 

7: Re-think Your Wall Decor

With so much time at home, now is the perfect time to take a look at your decor with fresh eyes. Reimagining a space can give you fresh inspiration and more energy!

Use your inspiration board for ideas–or use your inspiration board itself as an artistic wall display.

–> Visit our Home Decor section if your are looking for fresh new pieces to decorate your space with.

8: Organize a Space You Never Look At

We’ve done some Spring cleaning while our shop has been empty– cutting wood in house smells great but gets sawdust in all of those little corners!

Most homes have a forgotten corner or a junk drawer (or both!) Put on your favorite music and tackle one of these spaces in your home, evaluating whether the clutter is necessary piece by piece. You’ll discover more space for doing the things you enjoy, and might make some space for displaying more of your creations!

9: Try Something New Every Day

I was inspired by Matt Cutt’s TED Talk, Try Something New for 30 Days. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to add to your life, why not add it to your routine now? 

If you feel like you’re in a rut and looking for motivation, watch the animated version below or watch the full talk on YouTube! 


The past several months have been challenging for individuals and nations across the world. Communities have faced closures and shortages accompanying an overwhelming health crisis. We try to look on the bright side by finding opportunities for personal growth and creativity during these trying times. 

What activities have you enjoyed while staying at home? 

Have you found any inspiration in unlikely places? 

Share your thoughts below!

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      Hopefully one day we can re-open a St. George location! Yes we are currently offering free shipping on all orders over $50.00. You can order online or give the store a call and we would be happy to help you out!

  2. Would it be possible to see a photo oh how the ants and the little slice of watermelon were painted?
    I purchased the last few you had a few weeks ago and went to check the picture of them and to was gone!
    I thank you so much.

    Judy Chlupsa
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