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Creativity at Home

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We’re in the middle of a pandemic outbreak.

Society might be charged with panic and propelled by misinformation– but you’ve been preparing for this moment your entire life. You crack open that tote from the back of a closet, and decide to finally tackle all of those crafts you have hoarded over the years. 

Okay, so maybe everyone isn’t a craft hoarder! But there are a lot of things we can do to change the phrase “stuck at home,” into the phrase “safe at home.” A lot of it comes from mindset, and we are big believers that creativity can lead to new ideas and perspectives in lots of different situations. You don’t have to be an artist or mastermind to create something inspiring, or to redefine a space in your home.

Organize Something by Color

Bring the beauty of a rainbow into a corner in your home. You could organize the clothes hanging up in your closet, your paint collection, perhaps your scrapbooking paper- the possibilities are endless!

Go crazy in your kiddos’ playroom or bedrooms. Have them sort toys by color. Ask them what they find inspiring, and work together to create a “corner of inspiration” somewhere in your home. 

Even if you aren’t a fan of rainbows- re-organizing a space you use often can declutter your home and your mind! Jack Foster, who wrote the book on How to Get Ideas, said that, “Rules are a great way to get ideas. All you have to do is break them.” Try to change something up in your routine or living space, and see what ideas you get as a result. Inspiration might already be hiding in a corner of your home!

Learn a New Skill

Quilting?  Typography? Origami? Making tissue paper flowers? Calligraphy? Printmaking?

How about making a list of things that you have never tried before, and trying to check something off of your list today? Of course, here at Wood Creations we’re big fans of wood crafts! We have some great tutorials and instructions available for our customers who want the inside scoop on how to create our projects.

If you don’t feel like coming up with your own list, here are a few fun challenges:

  • Draw something using an unexpected tool. Use fruits, flowers or leaves as stamps with acrylic paint.
  • Put on a blindfold and try to draw something. No peeking!
  • Create a masterpiece using only letters and numbers.

Create Something with Loved Ones

My husband is a “sports guy, not an artsy guy,” (in his own words.) So you can imagine how thrilled he was when I suggested that we have a date night where we each create a painting for our baby’s room… he actually loved it! We had a blast painting together, and he was very proud of what he created: a galaxy (including a floating basketball, of course!)


If you have kids at home, crafting together is a wonderful way to bust boredom, enhance fine motor skills, and foster creative thinking. Grab some scrap paper, glue, and stickers, and let them create a scene of their favorite place.

Another fun family idea is to create a still life out of seven things in your kitchen, and have everyone in the family draw or paint it together!

You could also have each person contribute one or two things that represent them, and create a still life using those items. Photograph, draw or paint them to create a “symbolic family portrait.”

What are some of your favorite crafting memories?

What makes you feel inspired?

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